Inside of the Remer & Braunstein Luxury Suite
View From Luxury Suite to the field
this is the Print Press box. The microphone is the fabled Spanish Annoucers table. Notice the Phones and desks...there are high speed data ports underneath.It hlds up to 200 print reporters
this is the View from the print Press Box to the field. It absolutely sucks.
This is the a picture of the TV/Radio press box from the Print Press box. As best I can tell the TV/Radio People have the best seats in the building.
Visitors locker room
This is my daughter Aliya in the Visitors training room.
Another view of the Visitors Training room

The Pats have this all figured out. After each home game they got a star player on the opposing team to donate a jersey and helmet to the Pats. The pats set up 10 lockers with this stuff. Martin, Bettis, Farve, Peppers, Bledsoe, Holmes, Williams, Culpepper, and two others I can't remember.

Aliya on the 50 yard line.
This is the view north from the 50 yard line
This is the view up from the 50 yard line.
this is from the 50 yard line looking south at section 119 (under the Nextel sign) you can also see the jumbotrons.

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